about fACT approach

Complex approach for developing emotional intelligence and social skills

Filing, Attention, Communication, Teamwork, Act and Fact – these six elements of the fACT Approach, combined, and used together – build the habit to constantly think instead of putting things and people into frames.

fACT Approach does not consider the emotion itself, but the result of it. What is the influence it had on different people, in various situations, in different sociums, combined with different circumstances.

about fACT approach

how does the approach work

in business

fACT Approach in Business and Work

in family
and life

fACT Approach in Family and Life

in school,

fACT Approach in School and University

the six elements

fACT Approach core elements:


putting into notes/diary information, that has been collected through observation, through different periods of times.


paying attention to details, high level of observation of different situations, people, reasons, reactions, etc.


An open two-way process – we share, but we also let others share – this is what communication stands for.


Collaboration is the only way of achieving healthy envioronment, where everybody has a clear role, visions for future are combined, and everybody`s work is important – no one made less.


We put an accent not just on “act”, but on the ability to act intentionally – not being a victim of an impulse.


When you base your decisions and actions on real facts, not just on assumptions – this means to really put into action that part of your emotions and feelings that can use your clear mind, free from bias.

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