November, 2022

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D.A.R.E Framework for finding patterns of behaviour

Funtazia International’s DARE Framework © is an approach used for determining emotional states. It is part of the “fACT approach for Social and Emotional Development.

D.A.R.E. is an abbreviation of the words: Decisions, Awareness, Relationships, Emotions.

Funtazia International’s DARE Framework © combines several scientifically proven approaches to define, become aware of, and regulate emotional states in order to lead to more constructive decisions that lead to stronger and healthier relationships.

Resources and articles

fACT Аpproach in offline and online еducation

The fACT approach can be used as a helper in education, offline and online. Throuhg it you can easily recognize atypical behavior, and find effective ways of interventions to it.
The fACT approach has its 6 components – Filing, Attention, Communication, Teamwork, Act and Fact. They are a no boundaries for applying them – either offline, or online – in classrooms, in kindergartens, in teams of companies, at home. Now we will discuss the use in education.

These 6 ellements applied together provide a sustainable foundation for developing social-emotional skills at home and in the school environment.

Resources and articles

TIPS for Social emotional learning during a digital form of educations

Why is SEL important more than ever in times of virtual ED?

School has never been just a place to fill up with knowledge … If so – we could safely leave the children in front of GOOGLE, where it is full of information that they need, and which they often do not, in fact. The school is a social group in which children receive their lessons in communication, patience, tolerance, ways of reacting in different situations, feelings … They receive support … They have friendships …

The digital form of education does not mean that our socialization should stop.

Quite the opposite – it is needed more than ever! There was a cardinal change inthe natural way children communicate, teachers communicate with them. Like any change – it is associated with levels of stress and need for time to adapt… More frequent discussions on the topic are necessary.