about fACT approach

Complex approach for developing emotional intelligence and social skills

Filing, Attention, Communication, Teamwork, Act and Fact – these six elements of the fACT Approach, combined, and used together – build the habit to constantly think instead of putting things and people into frames.

fACT Approach does not consider the emotion itself, but the result of it. What is the influence it had on different people, in various situations, in different sociums, combined with different circumstances.

about fACT approach

fACT Approach can be used

in business

fACT Approach in Business and Work

in family
and life

fACT Approach in Family and Life

in school,

fACT Approach in School and University

the six elements

fACT Approach core elements:


Putting into notes/diary information, that has been collected through observation, through different periods of times.


High level of observation of different situations, people, reasons, reactions, etc.


Sharing, communicating the information with the purpose of creating thrust in the relationships, finding different perspectives and seeing multiple truths.


Collaboration is the only way of achieving healthy envioronment, where everybody has a clear role, visions for Future are combined, and everybody’s work is important – no one made less.


SEL is not only words, or using methodologies. Act stands for the intentional acting against polarization and discrimination, creating a safe, healthy environment and relationship.


Our perception of the environment is based on proven facts, not on biases, not on assumptions – it stands for the Multiple Thruths in every single situation, it stands for the constant effort to find the truth, instead of misjudging.

Whenever you apply the fACT Approach - first agree with the following statements:

fACT approach Statements:

I have the chance to be a leader in different situations, realizing that it does not depend only on me.

Everyone else feels same emotions as me. Therefore – everyone is a source of knowledge.

I may have common characters, problems and solutions with others, but what builds a real relationship between us are commonly experienced emotions and the need for knowledge.

I’m responsible not only for my personal social and emotional development. My personal development depends directly on the interpersonal development of the environment I belong to.

Empathy, healthy relationships, satisfying resolutions of situations are not a selfish individual goal.

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